the fact that a girl being a feminist is a turn off to a lot of guys is just further proof that sexism exists they’re literally saying they don’t want a girl who requires respect because that’s just no fun 

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I heard what you said. I’m not the silly romantic you think. I don’t want the heavens or the shooting stars. I don’t want gemstones or gold. I have those things already. I want…a steady hand. A kind soul. I want to fall asleep, and wake, knowing my heart is safe. I want to love, and be loved. Shana Abe (via feellng)

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I wish I was kissing you instead of missing you. ilovesakshi  (via fuckinq)

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zodiac bitches


aries: angry bitch
taurus: hungry bitch
gemini: loud bitch
cancer: weird bitch
leo: bITCH
virgo: quiet bitch
libra: indecisive bitch
scorpio: bitchy bitch
sagittarius: funny bitch
capricorn: ambitious bitch
aquarius: crazy bitch
pisces: sensitive bitch

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Love buckles under the strain of those wild nights. 🎶

my queen




I’m grown but I’m not grown grown

Which means I know how to ride a dick but I’m still not sure how taxes work.

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its kinda scary when you waste an entire day doing nothing and time just passes

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This gets me everytime